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Commercial 18-Gauge Flush Hollow Bottom Louver Vent Steel Metal Fire Rated Door

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[Item Code: HMF-18G-Bottom-Vent]

Commercial 18-Gauge Flush Hollow Bottom Louver Vent Steel Metal 90-Minutes Fire Rated Door [1-3/4" Thick]
Width 6'-8" [80"] 7'-0 [84"] 8'-0 [96"]
30" $874.00 $971.00 $1,098.00
32" $874.00 $971.00 $1,098.00
36" $874.00 $971.00 $1,098.00
42" $971.00 $1,068.00 $1,198.00

- Shipping to any residential or commercial address nationwide
* Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact us for a quote

Door "Slab" Orders:
Doors are Delivered Primed, Slab Only
* No frame, casing or hardware are included, unless otherwise noted. Door is not prepped for hinges or a handle.

Pre-Hung Orders:
- Single Door: Add $149 for a Fire Rated Single Door pre-hung unit in steel frame.
- Double Doors:
Add $199 for a Fire Rated Double Door pre-hung unit in steel frame.

This is a knocked down pre-hung door option that is easy to assemble and to install. Door slabs and Jambs are precisely pre-machined to match each other at the assemblage points. For masonry wall we offer punch & dimple for additional charge of $35.00 per frame.

Lux Doors carries Commercial Hollow Metal Door and Frame 18 Gauge Polystyrene Core Door with 16 Gauge Masonry Knock Down Frame. Steel Door with Louvers helps to improve ventilation and heat transfer in and out of storage areas while maintaining privacy. Suitable for use in boiler rooms, cleaning closets, restrooms, and storage closets where heat or fumes can accumulate. Door is 1-3/4" thick. These are the most common commercial steel door and can be used for virtually any application, including industrial and commercial buildings. Flush doors have no cut-outs for anything other than lock sets and hinges but can be prepped for other door hardware, glass kits and louvers.


  1. 18 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  2. Seamless Filled Edges
  3. Full Body Polystyrene Core
  4. Non-Handed Design
  5. 12-Gauge Closer Reinforcement
  6. 7-Gauge Hinge Reinforcement- Reversible
  7. 16-Gauge Flush Top Cap - Galvanized
  8. 16-Gauge Inverted Bottom Cap - Galvanized
  9. Prime Painted Grey Two Part Epoxy Factory Applied, Baked On
  10. Optional Standard Lock Preparations Include 161, Fed 86 Edge, Panic Bar Reinforced (Need to specify when ordered)
  11. WHI / ITS up to 3-hour, Positive Pressure and “S” Smoke included
  12. Meets or Exceeds Standards for ANSI 250.4 and ANSI 250.8
  13. Pre-Hung Available: Single door or Double door
  14. Warranty: All Lux Custom Wood Doors warranted for 1-year.
  15. Packaging: Loose

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