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Installation Guide


  1. Verify the width and height of the door frame are each 1/2" smaller than the rough opening width/height.
  2. Verify the rough opening is square. The (A) and (B) measurements should be the same. Maximum allowable deviation from square is 1/4".
  3. Verify the rough opening is level and plumb (C) and (D). The maximum allowable deviation is 1/8".
  4. The rough opening sill must not be crowned or sagged (D).
  5. The exterior face of the rough opening must be in a single plane (E) with less than 1/8" twist from corner to corner.
  6. Minimum double studs should be used at all rough openings.
  7. The header must be supported by trimmer studs. Do not install the door unless the rough opening meets the above conditions. Professional assistance may be necessary to correct problems before installation
  8. IMPORTANT! The door should be finished on all sides either before installation or immediately after (whichever is more convenient).


Warning! To avoid injury, use at least two people to install. Adequately support the door until completely fastened.

  1. Pre-hung door frames extend below the slab to allow for different floor heights. The jambs can be trimmed as needed before beginning installation, however make sure to leave adequate space to allow air to pass under the door according to ventilation codes.
  2. Remove any packaging or nails that hold the door closed
  3. Position the door unit into the opening and level the hinge side of the jamb. Use shims fastened through the jamb and stop with 10d finish nails approximately 2" from the top and 2" from the bottom of the jamb to level and temporarily secure in place.
  4. Level the latch side of the jamb in the same manner as the hinge jamb. Ensure the jamb is not twisted and that the spacing between the jamb and door is uniform on all sides. Adjust the latch side of the jamb as necessary.
  5. Shim the top of the jamb in the center of the opening and fasten with a 10d finish nail.
  6. Re-check for square, level and even spacing around the door. Nail securely in place through the stop, jamb, shims and into the studs every 12" – 16". Set nails with a nail punch.
  7. Position trim or slide trim assembly (two piece jamb) into place in the
  8. frame. Carefully nail the trim on both sides of the door every 12" to 16" using 4d finishing nails.


  1. Install lockset hardware per supplied instructions.
  2. Fill any nail/screw holes and sand smooth.
  3. Finish all six sides of the door slab as well as the frame.
  4. Protect recently installed units from damage from plaster, paint, etc. by covering the unit with plastic.


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